Toll the Dead | D&D 5e Spell

Toll the Dead 5e is one of the most popular attacking spells in the 5th edition of the  D&D role-playing game. By this spell, you can create a dolorous type of air that fills the range of the spell and hits the target. Make sure that the target which you select to apply the spell must be standing in your range which is 60 feet. If the target crosses your range then the effects of the spell ends.

Toll The Dead Damage

It’s an attacking spell and the effect of this spell is different at certain levels.

Evocation level (Level 1)

Spell the creature who is standing in your range. This will create a dolorous sound around the range of the spell. Take may succeed with the help of Wisdom saving throw otherwise it has to face 1d8 Democratic damage. If your selected target missed any hit point then also he’ll take 1d12 Democratic damage.


Aa t higher level the damage of this spell is increased by 1 dice. If you’re playing the n 5th level then the rate of damage will be 2d8 to 2d12. Likewise, the level of damage the t 11th level is 3d8 to 3d12, and the t 17th level 4d8 to 4d12.

TagToll the Dead
Casting time1 Action
Range60 feet
ComponentsV, S
Classes Cleric, Warlock, Wizard
SubclassesArcana Cleric, Divine Soul Sorcerer
Damage TypeNecrotic
Subclasses (legacy)Favored Soul v2 (UA) Sorcerer, Favored Soul v3 (UA) Sorcerer
RacesElf (High)
Author Xanathar's Guide to Everything +
CastersArcane Trickster, Cleric, Eldritch Knight, Warlock, Wizard

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