Tabaxi D&D 5th Edition Race

Creatures coming from strange and distant lands and are the cat-like humanoids, and also they have the curiosity to collect all the interesting artifacts that are considered to be the Tabaxi. They are known to be among those creators who have the super ability in which they can easily identify what the things are going on around. They have a lot of interest in the thing that they do not compromise with any of the factors when it comes to exploring nature.

Tabaxi 5e know about their strengths and weaknesses, so behave in the same manner only. They do not compromise with any of the factors because it will not let them stand in the race for a longer duration. Also, the features linked with them will make them different from other Races available. And they are considered to be the actors of love, so there is nothing that can let them feel like they are not from the same community.

General Information

Average Height6′ – 7′
Average Weight200–250 lbs.
Hair ColorYellow to Red
Eye ColorGreen, Yellow
First AppearanceFiend Folio
Hit Points11 (2d8+2)
Armor Class13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+2 Dex, +1 natural)
Speed 40 ft., Climb 20 ft.
Languages Common, Tabaxi
Special Attacks Pounce, Rake
Patron DeityCat lord, Tezca, Nula
VisionDark Vision
Activity CycleAny
Average LifespanSame as Humans
Homeland(s)Nexal, Maztica
Favored ClimateWarm
Favored TerrainJungles[1]

Tabaxi Racial Traits

All the traits mentioned below are considered to be a must for the Tabaxi DND class. These traits are not only working in their paper but will also help the other ones to understand how they are considered to be very beneficial whenever they are choosing them for the purpose. These are as follows:-

Increment Inability Score:

There will be going to an increment inability score. The charisma score will be increased by 1 and the dexterity score will be increased by 2.


Tabaxi 5e is also having the lifespan as the humans are having. Therefore it is right to conclude that as long as humans are living, they will be also going to live.


Alignment is also very evil and rare in them. They choose the chaotic alignments that are working in their favor only.

Cat Talent:

They will be going to possess the Talent as cats are having. Perception and stealth skills are available in which they are considered to be proficient.

Dark Vision:

Also, Tabaxi DND has the ability to see in the dark as well. In dim light and dark, they can easily understand who is coming close to them and who is roaming around. Also within the 60 Feet range, they can easily understand it. Also in bright light as well they have the same ability to see. They cannot understand the colors and they can only understand the Shades of Grey.


The languages which are linked with D&D Tabaxi include all the common language. As per their personal choice, they can choose one language and be efficient in it. They can speak it, write it, and read it. Also, there is no need for them to adopt any particular language whenever they are dealing with things.


The base of speed available with them is 30 feet.

Feline Agility:

5e Tabaxi will be able to move with the best of speed, and that will help them to follow the things easily. They will be going to get available with a double speed amount so that they can easily get engaged in the combat things.

Tabaxi Builds:

The best part about Tabaxi Dnd 5e creatures is that they are flexible and also they can make anything they watch. There is no need for them to feel like those advantages are not available. Also, there are multiple abilities available that will help them to be in the game for a longer duration and proven out to be an inspiration for others.

Lion Knight:

After getting the Bonus of charisma and dexterity, they are considered to be the ideal dexterity base paladins.

Dexterity-based paladins are considered to be surprisingly effective, and they are taking the medium armor so that they can Shield and repairs you statistical, and there will be no damage that will be there. Also, when it comes to looking at the strength-based paladin, then they are slightly less AC, and they will be going to exchange the high initiatives so that they will be able to cope up with the feline agility trait.

Cat Burglar:

D&D Tabaxi is known to be among the once who are fantastically known for their charming rogue. Particularly, they are swashbuckler archetype, and their performance is also very advanced. It will be going to get the advantage of Bonus all around, and nothing can be there that can let them feel disappointed. Climbing speed for scaling was also very amazing so that they can consider being proficient ones in the same. Into a perfect sneak attack position, when will be going to get a tight spot fatly.

Puma Poet:

Puma poet is also that will be going to boost the other. Particular more compact oriented colleges like the college of swords or college of whispers will be there and help them to understand the things easily. Also, they will be going to leave with psychic damage, and they will be able to understand the feline agility ability easily.

Whiskered Warlock:

There are multiple D&D Tabaxi traits available, and all of them will be going to work in their favor only. The +2 dexterity bonus is essential for all the warlocks getting in and also who are sitting around. Also, whenever they are dealing with a particular ability, it will help them to understand the speed boost, which they really need to escape from the situation. In case they are not putting maximum value to the spell, they will not be going to understand it at all.

Tabaxi Names:

When it comes to looking at the Tabaxi Names, then each and every character of this class is available with a particular name. There will be no need for them to feel like they have no particular name available. Some of the names linked with them are:-

Seven Thundercloud (Thunder), Left-Handed Hummingbird (Bird), Smoking Mirror (Smoke), Skirt of Snakes (Snake), Jade Shoe Qade), Five Timber (Timber) and Cloud on the Mountaintop (Cloud).

Tabaxi Obsessions

D8My curiosity is currently fixed on…
1a god or planar diety
2a monster
3a lost civilization
4a wizard’s secret
5a mundane item
6a magic item
7a location
8a legend or tale

These are the things linked with Tabaxi 5e. If you are a keen player and you have a lot of interest in it, then you must go through it and find out the best ones available. Within no time, you will be going to have the answer for available that will be going to work in your favor only.

If you want to know something more about it, they also do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with a solution and will provide you the answers accordingly. Also, if you have something else to say about the characters then also mentioned it here.

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