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Aarakocra is an anthropomorphic bird of the game with both a set of huge feathers and a set of arms and powerful legs. The normal specimen mounted about 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and had a wingspan of 20 feet (6.1 meters). Aarakocra also were famous loving flirts, irrespective of whether or not they were married. 

Dungeons and Dragon is one of the best famous role-playing games in the computer-generated world. It is swamped with a variety of character but Aarakocra 5e takes the cake in terms of perceptibility and variety. They are similar to evil humanoids balanced up high in the mountains. 

D&D 5e Aarakocra

Aarakocra is an average humanoid 5e Dnd monster. Aarakocra 5e Race does not belong to the mother world as they have created from the alien planes. Some of the most significant Dungeons and Dragons Aarakocra features are as follows and you can also check Dragonborn 5e battle.

Aarakocra Names

  • The naming of the fellows of the community is relatively strange as the bird names integrate clicks, frills, thrills, and signals.
  • Some of the Aarakocra D&D protruding backgrounds comprise hermit, outlander, and the sage. 
  • The majority of individuals face enormous problems in saying words including syllables.
  • In general, the D&D Aarakocra Names include four syllables combined by connectors.
  • Some of the favorite examples of the names ArakokraD&D include Ariel, Aura, Aira, and Dekker.
  • The majority of soldiers who participate in the assembly of manned birds are very small, with soldiers guarding the front.

Aarakocra General Info

  • Patron God: Syranita
  • Activity Series: Day
  • Homeland: Mistcliffs, Storm Horns, Maztica, Star Mounts, Cloven Mountains, Collar
  • Language: Common, Aarakocra, Auran
  • Preferred Climate: Warm temperate
  • Preferred Terrain: Foothills
  • Food: Carnivore

Aarakocra 5e Stats

The Aarakocra Stats are as follows: 

  • Size: Average
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Aarakocra
  • Arrangement: Neutral good
  • Trial Rating: 1⁄4

DndAarakocra Traits

Ability Score Increase

 In the Aarakocra 5erole-play of the charisma, your deftness mark is increased by 2 points while the knowledge score enhances by 1.

Aarakocra Language

 Users can express, read, and also write Aarakocra, Normal, and Auran.


You have a winged speed of 50 feet in Aarakocra and the speed is 25 ft. 

Aarakocra Age

 The maximum age is 30 years.


Ethnic leaders stand by the law while the Fighters make chaos.


It is about 5ft in height and has lightweight figures of 100 pounds to fly high in the sky.

Aarakocra D&D 5e Appearance

  • Average Aarakocra Height: 5′
  • Average Wingspan: 20′ (6 m)
  • Average Weight: 90 lbs
  • Dnd 5e Aarakocra is comparable to a huge bird when they are flying but upon mooring on the ground, one can notice the different anthropoid look. 
  • Even on the trees, the Aarakocras look to be expressively taller. 
  • They are 5 feet in height when standing straight and have thin legs changing into loud talons. 
  • They are nails planned to fight the enemies and challengers in case of battles.
  • Female Aarakocra more understated themed wings in gray or brown colors. 

Aarakocra Backgrounds

Backgrounds that are most suitable for Aarakocra comprise the outlander, the solitary, and the wise. The small gatherings are limited and isolated, and few Aarakocra lives away from their branches. 

In the Star Bases of the High Forest in the Forgotten Realms, no more than a few dozen Aarakocra live away from the shells of their relations. Those that do are generally Aarakocra Ranger or units, continuously guarding for outside pressures.

Aarakocra Gods

  • The article also presentsKrocaa as the god of the Aarakocra. 
  • But he did not achieve traction and was changed by Syranita in Monster Tradition, an AD&D 2nd Version book describing the gods of the horrific Aarakocra Race. 
  • Their god was namedK’ooriall (or Skylord), and much like Krocaa, was just an over-sized male Aarakocra.
  • In Monster Myths, the male gods have been removed aside and changed with Syranita, who looks like a female Aarakocra with silver skin and pink-god wings.
  • The Aarakocra Dnd 5e god of the eagles (Remis) is also a brilliant term with the Aarakocradiety, and Syranita has helpers among the djinn, Janni, and humanoid sky gods.

Aarakocra Magic Items

There are few magic things linked with the Aarakocra. 

  • Greyhawk Ventures defines a white wrap known as Wings of the Rakers, which was generated by a sorcerer who was fond of the bird persons and required to increase his time with them. 
  • As well as acting as Aarakocra Peacock arms of flying, the cover also gifts its wearer with an awareness of the language and battle maneuvres.
  • It allowances the wearer some of the features of huge eagles, but other than the name, it looks to have little straight joining to Aarakocra. 
  • The Mask of the Crow Aarakocra is a psionic thing found almost wholly in the Dark Sun setting and detailed in Bazaar of the Bizarre in Dragon #244. 
  • It is likely to use body parts of Aarakocra to make mixtures of extra-healing, or at least was in the Forgotten Realms past subsetting of Netheril: Empire of Magic.

Aarakocra Spellcaster


  • Aarakocra Wizard a spellbook uses it to remember and make a limited list of curses every day. 
  • Spellbooks can be extended to comprise more spells as the Wizard discovers or buys spell parchments.

Selects a fairy-tale school to concentrate in, which arises with prolonged capacity for curses of that school and some extra powers to increase or supplement that school.


  • Aarakocra Magician a magical source, like magical origin or a Marvel-style lab calamity provide them the capability to cast spells logically. 
  • Aarakocra Sorcerer a limited pool of curses that they know, but can cast any of them that they touch like forming without having to do horrible wizard bookkeeping. 
  • Sorcerous source arises with other special controls, and wizards get Metamagic, which lets them modify the method curses come out. 
  • All in all a lesser list of curses, but more elasticity in how they use them.


  • He has a magical supporter, like a fairy godmother, a sprite they’ve made a contract with, or an inherited soul, who awards them the capability to cast curses and use requests. 
  • Aarakocra Warlock a small number of curses they can cast every day, but all of them arise out at the max curse level, and they improve Spell’s short break instead of a long one. 
  • Prayers are additional magic authorities they get, some being one-shot curses that don’t use a hole, some being curses they can use indeterminately, some being misc. 
  • Also acquires an extra Pact Benefit to modify their Aarakocra 5e builds.

Requisitioned in high mountains atop tall plants, the Aarakocra, occasionally called bird folk, suggest fear and surprise. Aarakocras of Toril almost all loved Airdrie Faenya. She seemed to them as a huge white bird. The least number of Aarakocras living in the North mostly worshiped Syranita as their spirit but also paid respect to Akadi, Remnis of the giant eagles, Stronmaus of the hulks, as well as Airdrie Faenya.

The Aarakocra reimbursed for the fifth version in the Monster Guide (2014). They returned as a charisma race in the Essential Evil Player’s Companion (2015). If you want to ask something Aarakocra 5e, then drop the comment in the below-provided comment box.

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