YETI – Monster – Dungeons And Dragons 5E

5e Yeti Sourcing

Yeti is considered as solitary apex predators that are well known for their bloodlust. They are resistant to cold and bear a strong sense of smell. Even 5e yeti can be encountered wandering in the foggy territory around the white dragon lair out to hunt in a rolling blizzard. These d&d yeti bear exceptional strength and constitution which is minimum to average dexterity. These are brute melee fighters at the same time, they have a couple of features from which they gain the edge. 

The best feature of Yeti d&d is stealth that is combined with their keen smell and snow camouflage giving them tremendous incentive to catch their prey even in low visibility conditions. These dungeons and dragons yeti bear extra, translucent eyelids which makes their sight clear even in a snowstorm. 

Action Potential

This yeti dnd are strong with exceptional strength and their body constitution is just above average. These are strong fighters ( Build a strong fighter ) with strong-smelling quality and bear features like changing the color of their skin providing higher incentives to attract prey even in low visibility conditions. 

They can communicate even in the night or in white out of a snowstorm. They can manage even multi attacks. Their height targets within 30 feet and stays hidden until any prey gets close enough to them. These d&d 5e yeti bears wisdom 12 and is higher enough to care for their targets like other predators who are hunting for a meal. They are going strong to bring themselves within the strike range of such a target. 

Above all sources, the yeti makes the second attack with its claws as you cannot change the terms of multi-attack in mid-action. If this chilling gaze does work, then the yeti gains advantage on their attack and this is automatic on a hit. Just to lay it out, the yeti is going to land its two claw hits with inflicting an average of 22 points of damage altogether. 

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