Warforged | Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Warforged is a creature of the 5th edition of the D&D roleplaying game. This creature is made of wood and metal. They can feel and contain emotions in their body. Warforged is very strong and always ready for war. Warforged is famous for its Cold-Hearted killing machine nature. This creature is a steady ally and takes a visionary mind for searching for purposes and meanings.

Features of Warforged

Warforged is one of the strongest humanoid type creatures in the D&D role-playing game. Some of the features of Warforged are listed below.   

Ability Score

If you’re playing a character of Warforged then it will increase your constitution points by 2. You can choose your other ability which increases your score by 1 point.


Warforged maximum age is still an involved mystery. There are no signs of the death of Warforged due to their old age. You can see the age of Warforged typically between 2 to 30 years. So, if you’re playing a character of Warforged then you’ll get immune from some magical aging effects.


Warforged is medium in size. If you want to set the height and weight if you’re Warforged then you’ll need a size modifier of 2d6. This will make the height of your Warforged about 5 feet + 10 inches + size modifier powers in height in inches. The weight of your dnd 5e Warforged is increased from 270 pounds to 270 pounds+ 4 times your size modifier.


The speed of Warforged is not very attractive but they have a steady ally. The walking speed of Warforged is about 30 feet.


If you’re playing the character of Warforged then you can easily understand, read, and write the Common language and 1 one more language for your choice.


The body of Warforged is made with a defensive layer that provides primary protection to them l. You can increase the protection of Warforged by applying body armor to your character. You also gain a +1 bonus point to armor class. To get this armor you have to spend 1 hour with your character. You can wear a don armor according to your proficiency. Once you wear this armor then your armor can’t be removed from your body against your own will.

Resilience construction

Warforged have the ability to resist the poison attack on him. They never eat, drink or breathe, and the body if Warforged is immune to fight any type of disease. The need for sleep to Warforged is a waste of time. Warforged never sleeps and no magic can affect you to sleep.

So, these are the features of Warforged. I am sure that you know that Warforged has some really impressive powers which make them powerful. They also contain some components to protect themselves from outer casualties.

Components of Warforged

Warforged contains lots of components with them. They have a wide range of collection of components with different categories.

Basic Components

Battlefist, Armbow, Essence of the Scout, Disk of Energy Resistance, etc.

Artifact components

Tauric belt, a circlet of preservation, Scorpion belt, etc.

Many others.

Height5 feet + 10 inches
Height Modifier+2d6
Weight270 LBS
Weight Modifier× 4 lb
Speed30 Feets
Ability scores+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence or +2 Strength

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