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Tortle is a character of the D&D roleplaying games. These are the most loved reptiles in the d&d. They carry their home on their back and are unable to stand. Tortle is getting protection from their parents for only one year because their parents died due to their old age. They learned all the skills and ideas to survive alone. They are also known as an explorer character of D&D because they start exploring things at a very young age. When they feel near to death then they find their mate to birth their new generation and at last, they settle and protect their new generation until death.

Appearance of Tortle

They are very relaxed and calm in nature. The appearance of tortle is not very unique, they appear as a normal tortle. Their faces are smooth like a turtle and have mottled patterns in the body. If you want to play a character of a tortle then you have to be creative and have an interest in exploring the world.

Tortle Names

Well, let me tell you that the names of the tortles are single-gendered. They are not recognized by any family or clan names.

Male: Aranck, Arre-Catte, Dustu, Gad, Kanuna, Lanu, Mahkah, Nastas, Taheton, Grok

Female: Abetzi, Anna, Doya, Ehawee, Macawi, Mituna, Talulah, Sikya, Sokow

Family Names: Anthu, Dzuwa, Galu, Lanpansi, Mwala, Mwezi, Nyanja, Tengo, Thanthwe

Tortle Traits

All the traits of tortles are listed below:-

Ability Score

If you’re playing the character of tortle then your strength score increased by 2 and your Wisdom score is increased by 1.

Age Of Tortle

The life of tortle is short as compared to a turtle. They become adults at the age of 15 and live to the average age of 50 years.


The height of the turtle is about 5 to 6 feet with a weight of 450 pounds. One-third of their weight is carried by their shell.

Speed Of Tortle

Their basic walking speed is about 30 feet.


Tortle have their natural armor called their shell. This shell is the base of the tortle. If you’re playing the character of tortle then your shell becomes your home. Well, you don’t get any benefit with this shell but if you’re using shield then you can gain a shield bonus.


In the case of breath-holding turtles can become lifesavers. They are good at holding the breath and water breathing. In water breathing, you can apply some verbal components. In holding a type of breathing you aren’t able to execute any verbal components.


You can easily find tortle at many places like Ahoyhoy, Dangwaru, High Horn, Mud Pits of Flora, and Snout of Omar.

The Tortle package: Supplements of Tortle

If you want a supplement related to Tortle then you can buy a book named “The Tortle package”. This book was published on 15th September 2017. It is an adventure supplement which is written by Christopher Perkins and Jeremy Crowford. This book is published by Wizard of the coast. It is available in PDF/Physical form which contains approx 28 pages.

Base Height5′ 0
Height Modifier+4d4
Base Weight350 lb
Weight Modifier× (4d6) lb
Activity cycleDay
Lifespan50 years

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