The beauty and devil in the same succubus

This is one kind of succubus that was once a demon, a beautiful lesser breed of the tanarri from the infinite layers of the abyss. These d&d succubus existed as seducer and were well known to seduce and tempt the mortals ultimately slay them and take their life energy back to the abyss. Instead they are considered to be a form of devil across the nine spells band they tempted mortals into villainy. 

These 5e succubus are the simple friends found across all the lower planes serving all kinds of evil. Its male counterpart is called the d&d incubus whose would change their sex with ease through most of the preferences for one or other.


The succubus d&d 5e when uncovered from their true form appears like stunningly beautiful women of statuesque build and perfect figure with flawless skin and red or raven black hair. This also bears clawed fingers and large dark hued or reddish bat like wings which is mounted on their backs. The eyes are said to glow with sinister desire. Other than that, it bears small horns or a tail which might also be seen. It was the demonic succubi which is far the most attractive of the otherwise hideous tanarri as well as all demons. The succubus d&d 5e often use their shape changing ability to assume the humanoid form and could maintain it with disguise for a long as they liked. The mortals are rarely seen with succubi and incubi in their true forms. But they were always attractive to the observer. 


The d&d 5e succubus comes here with kiss of her lips and the embrace in her arms or something more intimate. They could drain the life energy of mortal which lacked stamina, weaking them in every aspect. In contrast, the devilish succubus is commanding as well as dominant with its kiss bringing charming effect.