Potion of Healing | Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

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Potions of healing are the elements by which you can regain hit points. There are various varieties of healing potions and the power of regaining depends on the rarity of healing potions. When the healing potion is agitated then it seems to be a red liquid that contains glimmers. If someone feeds the healing potion then the hitting points if this character is increased. The healing potions have many categories that run from Basic to supreme.

The healing potions are called the magic items in D&D role-playing games. To craft potions, you also need some magical items which are listed in the crafting rules and herbalism kit.

Potion Of.....RarityHP Regained
Greater HealingUncommon4d4+4
Superior HealingRare8d4+8
Supreme HealingVery rare10d4+20

Categories Of Healing Potions 5e

All the categories of healing potions 5e are listed below.

Potion Of Healing(Common)

The rarity of this potion is Common. This healing potion is also counted as a Basic potion of healing. The HP regained from the consumption of this healing potion is 2D4+2. You can buy this healing by spending 50gp.

Potion Of Greater Healing

The rarity of this potion is Uncommon. This potion of healing hits the HP regained of the player who consumed this by 4D4+4. If you want to use this potion of healing then you have to spend 100gp.

Potion Of Superior Healing

The rarity of this potion is Rare. HP regained by 8D4+8 of the player who consumed this superior healing. You can use this potion of healing at 500gp. The superior healing potion in the second most rarely found potion in D&D role-playing game.

Potion Of Supreme Healing

The potion of healing is the most rarely found potion of healing. The rarity of this potion is Very rare. The player can regain their HP by 10D4+20. You can enjoy this potion of supreme healing in 5000gp.

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