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Higher aim to fly and make target:-

It’s the owl 5e standing higher in its action to be a great choice to fly up to enemies. It also utilizes its action to help and allow an attack made on it with advantage. This bears a fly by and when it leave the threatened area , there is no attack of opportunity as well as stands on with the advantage on perception checks which is pretty good. The best thing about it is, this doesn’t provoke opportunity of attacking when it flies out of any enemy’s reach. It has its own advantage on wisdom and checks on with their hearing or sight. 


Its true origin is not explored but these are known only to be the 5e owl that is followed on as the d&d 5e owl in the game. These vanished since long with the super bowls being wise beyond measures, passing the ancient lore of their ancestors since moving to the successive generation. 


The area known to contain super owl which is the owl familiar 5e is going to draw people in search of guidance or knowledge. Its supplicant deemed by worthy might be asked to complete of some task that benefits the superb owl’s forest homes with the owl Familiar 5e. If seen alternatively, the great sage who is seeking to learn an ancient secret should be offered with a deal where the super d&d owl lore is exchanged for any new discovery or insight of the sage. 

They are known to contain super owl also called to be the owl d&d 5e often draw people in search of guidance or knowledge. The supplicant deems to be worthy with the d&d 5e owl. This brings on an inspiration to help learn an ancient secret might which is offering a deal where the superb owl’s lore is exchanged for some new discovery. 

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