Kenku 5e – Dungeons & Dragons Monster

Kenku 5e is a charter of DnD. Basically, Kenku can be defined as flightless avian humanoids. Kenku is famous for its secretive character. Kenku always pretends to live in a selfish nature. Kenji worked in a small gang who lived in cities. Southern Faerun is the best place to find Kenku 5e. These characters of DnD are very talented who work as spies, assassins, or thieves.

Features Of Kenku

The features of the most secretive character of DnD Kenku are listed below.

Age Of Kenku

This secretive character has a short lifespan as compared to humans. The maturity age of Kenku is 12 years. It means that Kenku becomes mature at the age of 12 years. The total lifespan of Kenku is up to 60 years.

Ability score

Kenku can be analyzed by increasing two types of abilities: Dexterity score and Wisdom score. The Dexterity score can be increased 2 and wisdom score increased by 1.

Size Of Kenku

The height of the Kenku is not very high. They’re just 5 feet tall. The weight of Kenku is about 90 to 120 pounds.


Kenku has good walking speed. The base walk speed of Kenku is about 30 feet.


Kenku is also called chaotic creatures of DnD. The special thing about the Kenku that they saw for making enduring commitments. Kenku is also famous for preserving their own hides. They contain a chaotic outlook.

Training Of Kenku

Kenku is proficient in the following two skills:- 1. Acrobatics 2. Deception. Not only this, but he is also proficient in stealth and stealth of hand.

Strength Of Kenku

By performing the character of Kenku you can easily duplicate to other creatures. Kenku also specializes in duplicating the handwork and craftwork of other creatures.

If you’re playing a character of Kenku then you have one more advantage of checking the forgeries of existing objects as well as duplicates of existing objects.


Kenku has one more ability which is mimicry. If you’re playing a character of Kenku then you can mimic the sounds that you hear surround you. Kenku can tell that they have imitation with successful wisdom.


If you’re playing the character of Kenku then you have a special ability to read and write in Common and Auran. Now, you can speak these by using Mimicry traits.

Kenku Names

Barker, Chewing, Duck, Gnasher, Quacks, Lute String, Mauler, Mallet Smash, Panda Sneeze, Crash, Rat Squeak, Splitter, Tree Creak.

Females: Ulkin, Arkri, Krekie, and Erskin

Males: Rain, Renkil, Surkil, and Eerik

Character Description Of Kenku

Kenku is a dnd character that consists of a secretive nature. Kenku doesn’t contain any wings. They can walk only with a speed of 30 feet. The head and torso of Kenku are covered with soft feathers. Basically, Kenku is similar to the bird but doesn’t contain wings to fly. They contain the dark and beady eyes and also have a long and attractive beak. Kenku is shorter than the height of a common human. The reason behind the short height of Kenku is because of their hollow bones. Kenku is not physically stronger as compared to the other creatures of DnD but they are agile and dexterous.

Typically they wore no descriptive brown ropes. This will help them to hide their weapons. Kenku is likely to be neutral or unaligned in their behaviors. Most of the Kenku are evil but some other Kenku is good and true neutral. Kenku is loved to do bad and immoral acts. They like to in opportunistic and unscrupulous behavior.

Kenku can fight well with allies but not from others. Kenku became the most dangerous when Kenku aided. Most of the Kenku are lived with knit gangs but you can also find them in some clans which are also called ‘flocks’.

Kenku Attributes

Speed30 ft
VisionLow-light vision
Average Height4'6" to 5'10"
Height Modifier+ (1d6")
Average Weight52 to 148 lb.
Weight Modifier+ (1d20) lb
Fevored ClimateTemperate
Kenku TrainingProficiency in two of Acrobatics, Deception, Stealth and Sleight of Hand.
DistinctionsTalons in place of hands and feet; voice mimicry
Ability Score Bonuses+2 to DEX, +1 to WIS


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