Human 5e – Dungeons & Dragons Race

Size – 30
Medium – Speed
Human is a character in a D&D role-playing game. This character contains powers and skills which they perform to survive. In common races, humans play the role of most adapted and ambitious characters. Their look and taste are different according to the land where they live. They make cities and build many large buildings to live in. Their buildings survive for centuries. They live alone as well as in a group to perform their adaptive character.
The names of humans are divided into many types. These names are formed according to their personality or appearance. They always become part of that institution where dwarf clans and many other clans work. Now, we’re going to discuss the names of the humans which are formed according to their appearance.

Names of Humans

Him and are present in many categories where they like different cultures according to their living place. Their parents decide the names of humans. Some of the humans give the name of some other Languages like Dwarven or Elvish but mostly their names are linked by their culture.


These humans are shorter in size as compared to others. Their hairs are dusty brown which gives them an ancient look. These humans lived in southwest Faerûn.

Calishite  Names:- Jassen, Khalid,Yasheira, Zasheida, Aseir, Bardeid, Haseid Montana, Khemed, Mehmen, Suleiman, Zasheir Pashar, Rein.


These types of humans are majorly found in southwest Faerûn. Their appearance is like a normal man. Their eyes are brown and their hair is also black or brown in color.

Damaran Names:- Alethra, Olma, Tana, Zora, Kara, Orel, Pavel, Sergor, Katernin, Mara, Natali, Igan, Ivor, Kosef, Mival.

Surnames:- Starag, Bershka, Chernin, Dotsk, Kulenov, Marsk, Nemetsk, Shemov.


Turami humans are tall and muscular. The skin color of Turami is generally dark and they have curly black hair which gives them a bold look.

Turami  Names:- Romero, Salazar, Umbro, Anton, Diego, Marcon, Pieron, Ricardo, Quadra, Selise, Vonda, Balama, Dona, Faila Jalana, Luisa, Marta.

Surname:-Marivaldi, Pisacar, Ramondo, Agosto, Astoria, Calabra, Domine, Falone.


Shou contains very powerful and numerous ethics. They are a member of Kara-Tur group. The hair of the shot is yellowish which gives them an ancient look. The hair color of Shou is black and they have dark eyes.

Shou Names:- On, Shan, Shui, WhenJun, Lian, Long, Meng, An, Chen, Chi, Fai, Jiang, Qiao, Shui, Tai, Bai, Chao.

Surnames:- Mei, Pin, Shin, Sum, Tan, Wan, Chien, Huang, Kao, Kung, Lao, Ling.


Mulan’s are found in the eastern and southeastern regions of the inner sea. Their skin is ambered and they hold a tall and slim appearance. Their hairs are mostly black and brown. Many Mulan has shaved off their hair.

Mulan Names:- Aoth, Bareris, Ehput-Ki, Urhur, Kethoth, Mumed, Ramas, So-Kehur, Thazar-De, Thola, Umara, Zolis, Arizima, Chathi, Nephis, Nulara.

Surnames:- Sepret, Uuthrakt, Ankhalab, Anskuld, Fezim, Hahpet, Nathandem.

There are some other categories like Chondathan, Illuskan, Rashemi, and variant human 5e. These humans also attain a good appearance. These humans also attain black hair and dark eyes but found in different regions.

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