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Homebrew is a set of guidelines to improve the gaming experience of D&D role-playing players. The rules and guidelines which are mentioned in the homebrew are not available on the D&D official notebook. The official rulebook includes various rules and guidelines regarding Player’s handbook, Master’s guide, a monster manual, and others. Things that are not included in it but related to D&D role-playing games are called the Homebrew.

Content Of Homebrew

The content of Homebrew is divided into many categories. Every experienced player of D&D has homebrew with it. It might be difficult to stand if you just started playing D&D.


Homebrew background is an option by which you can create your own background or can see the backgrounds which the players created around the world.


Homebrew feats contain the content of feats created by the players around the world. You can see feats like 4th Attunement Slot Homebrew, Final Stand

Homebrew, A horizon warrior homebrew, A Battle Ready Stance Homebrew, Aasimarian Constitution Homebrew,Aasimarian Gift Homebrew, Aasimarian True Form homebrew, Aasimar Angelic Appearance Homebrew, Aasimar Hero Homebrew, Aasimar Maturation (Fallen) Homebrew, Aasimar Maturation (Scourge) Homebrew, Aasimar wings of light and many others. You can create your own feats here.

There are many other categories by which you can see all the homebrews created by the players around the world. The categories are Magic items, Monsters, Races, Spells, Subclasses, and many others.

 Basically, the dnd 5e homebrew is divided into 3 sections 1. For Players, 2. For Dungeon and 3. General. These categories contain plenty of subcategories in it.

Homebrew For Players

This homebrew contact is created to design the run-playing session of D&D.

All the homebrew attributes are listed below


It contains 2165 items in it, humanoids, oozes, undead, beasts are some of the items of Races.


It contains 4193 items in it. This homebrew has the long lists of equipment by which you can buy things for your game like armor, weapons, mounts, vehicles, magic items, tools, and others.

Many others

Character Options & Character Builds

It contains 3337 items which contain feats, skills, and surface and subclass variants.

Character builds allow you to optimize and take character control in your hand. This contains 85 items.

Homebrew For Dungeon Master

For dungeon, the master homebrew contains 10 subcategories with plenty of item options in it.

Campaign Settings

 It contains 110 items related to Worlds and options.


This contains 2894 items related to monsters, non-player characters, and templates of D&D.


This contains 185 items related to towns and emperors.

Traps And Hazards

Traps contain 70 items related to artificial stumbling blocks and Hazards contains 51 items for adventurers.

Many others

General Homebrew

General categories are beneficial for all the categories because they are general in use.


This contains 10 items related to the stories of dungeons & dragons.


554 items related to general discussions.

To-Do List, Indexes & Sourcebooks

The sourcebook contains 15 items whereas indexes present the relevant index of the matter.

Many others.   

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