Hexblade | Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

Hexblade is a Tiefling patron of warlocks. They mostly shadow fell and these shadow falls are specialized in forging weapons.

Weapon Requires

  • Name: Dark Shadows (Longsword)
  • Type: Martial Melee
  • Damage: 1d8 + (PC Level/5)
  • Properties: Versatile (1d10)

If you’re playing the character of Hexblade then you’ll get the ability to provide a baleful curse to someone at the starting of the game. You’ll also get a bonus action so that you can select or choose the character/creature within 30 feet from you. That target is cursed only for 1 minute. This curse ends when the target dies. Your death also cancels the curse from your selected creature. Until the curse ends you’ll get some benefit.

  1. You’ll get the damage bonus so that affects your target from your damage rolls.
  2. You can also regain the hit point when your target dies. Your hit gain points become equal to the warlock lock level. You can hit at least 1 point through this attack.

This character builds their powers step-step and stage by stage. They start from the initial level and their increasing level increases their power and ability.

Levels of Hexblade

Their different names decide their different names and abilities. So, after completing their specific levels they started to be recognized as a specific name.

1stShield, Wrathful Smite
2ndBlur, Branding Smite
3rdBlink, Elemental Weapon
4thPhantasmal Killer, Staggering Smite
5thBanishing Smite, Cone of Cold

Hex warrior

When you just start playing as a character of Hexblade then you’ll be recognized from the name of Hex warrior. At your 1st level, you’ll get the training to arm yourself for battle. Hex warriors gain some proficient things like the armor of medium level armor, martial weapons, and shields. At this stage your patron influencer mystical your will for a particular weapon. You’ll need the Charisma modifier at the place of and Dexterity. You can master any of the weapons which you want to take with you on your journey of D&D.

Accursed Specter

Until you reach a level 6, you don’t have the ability to curse your opponent. At level 6 you’ll get the power to curse your target. Now, you become an Accursed Specter and you can slay a humanoid and can cause their spirit to rise like a corpse.


When you reach the 10th level then your hex gains more power. Now, you can roll again the Hexblade curse which is rolled to you in a battle. Accidently, if your Hexblade curse is reversed back to your by roll a d6 then it still misses you and you become safe.

Hexes Master (Master of Hexes)

You become a master of Hex when you reach the 14th level. Now, you have the power to spread your Hexblade curse from a creature to another creature. It means that, if the person who is cursed by your Hexblade curse dies then you can shift your curse to another victim who is standing under 30 feet from you. If you do this activity and transfer your curse to another then you aren’t able to get the hit-point from the death of the previously cursed creature. It means you can transfer your curse to other creature but your bonus hi-point becomes remain as discussed above.

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