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The Ultimate Fighter

This is the custom Fighter called the 5e gunslinger that is the archetype developed by Matthew mercer for dungeons and dragons 5th edition when it’s about the group.

There are two versions existing of the archetype, a professional version is available for purchase at the dungeon masters guild and a free version with its availability D&D Beyond. This is technically advanced with hyper-intelligent crafters.

There are some joint parties and not the leaders but do have incredible influence over the battlefield to shape the entire war with their bravado. There are some unparalleled terrors available at close range with decimating foes and unflinching resolve. The details can be found best on d&d 5e gunslinger.


LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesGrit Point
1st+2Wary, Skill Shot2
2nd+2Shooting Styles2
3rd+2Gunslinger’s Trail3
4th+2Ability Score Increase4
5th+3Extra Attack5
6th+3Ability Score Increase6
7th+3Trail Feature7
8th+3Ability Score Increase8
9th+4Skill Shot (2)9
10th+4Bullet Time10
11th+4Trail Feature11
12th+4Ability Score Increase12
13th+5Extra Attack (2)13
14th+5Ability Score Increase14
15th+5Trail Feature15
16th+5Ability Score Increase16
17th+6Skill Shot (3)17
18th+6Trail Feature18
19th+6Ability Score Increase19
20th+6Boundless Grit20

Proficiency And Efficiency

The game can be considered as a fighter game with most of the warriors to combat specialists who are spending their years perfecting the classic art of swordplay, archery, or polearm tactics. It doesn’t matter if it’s the duelist or infantry, martial weapons are perfected long ago and the true challenge is efficient to them.

It’s the gunslinger arch type 5e providing the best and efficient gaming source. The archetype focuses on the basics or the ability to design craft and utilize the power even if the Weapons are dangerous that doesn’t matter at all. The creativity is well served with the immaculate aim and you can become a distant force of death on the battlefield. You can also make gunslinger quickly by following suggestions like dexterity which must bear the highest of ability score.

This is followed by wisdom and the second one to choose is a bounty hunter that is provided as background in the dnd5e gunslinger.


Palm Pistol50g2g (20)1d8 piercing1 lb.(40/160)Light, reload 1, misfire 1
Pistol150g4g (20)1d10 piercing3 lb.(60/240)Reload 4, misfire 1
Musket300g5g (20)1d12 piercing10 lb.(120/480)Two-handed, reload 1, misfire 2
Pepperbox250g4g (20)1d10 piercing5 lb.(80/320)Reload 6, misfire 2
Blunderbuss300g5g (5)2d8 piercing10 lb.(15/60)Reload 1, misfire 2
Bad NewsCrafted10g (5)2d12 piercing25 lb.(200/800)Two-handed, reload 1, misfire 3
Hand MortarCrafted10g (1)2d8 fire10 lb.(30/60)Reload 1, misfire 3, explosive

Creativity With Gunslinger

Creating the gunslinger is also considered as a significant aspect of d&d 5e gunslinger. At first, the dexterity must be the highest ability score, followed by wisdom.

This is classic with some hit points with proficiencies like armors of light armor, medium armor, { Armor 5e } simple weapons, martial weapons and guns, the tinker’s tools, dexterity, wisdom and the most efficient skills like acrobatics, athletics, history, insight, perception, and survival. One can also check out the gunslinger 5e pdf to get further details.

The information relating to the 5e gunslinger moves ahead with firearms adding the proficiency bonus to the firearm attacks. Later with gaining proficiency, it moves on with the tinker’s tools permitting them to craft ammunition, repairing damaged firearms, or even draft with creating them.

With every game-ending, there is a short rest, the gunslinger would gain a number of grit points that are equal to their wisdom modifier. Next, the gunslinger can easily regain the girt points by scoring a critical hit or by killing blow using the firearm as mentioned on the gunslinger guide 5e. The gunslinger can regain the grit points by scoring a critical hit or by killing blow with a firearm.

As with the gunslinger feat 5e, one can easily enjoy the game and won’t get any negative points on its gaming. The best thing can be the gunslinger guide 5e which matters the most in the game.

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