Giant Eagle 5e – D&D Monster – Unearthed Arcana

Fly like a giant eagle

A typical giant eagle stands around 9 feet tall with a wingspan up to 20 feet and this resembles its small cousins who are nearly the way except for the size. This giant eagle 5e is large-sized magical beasts that are like huge eagles. These are intelligent and are keen-eyed birds who search their prays eagerly and sometimes are associated with good creatures. These are indeed the 5e giant eagle that are noble creatures speaking their language as well as understand the speech of any common words. It’s also noted that the mated pair of giant eagles would lay four eggs even young in their nest. 

The D&D 5e giant eagle has the advantage of wisdom with the power to check that they rely on sight. These eagles perform two attacks like one with its beak and another one with its talons. The beak bears melee weapon attack with +5 to hit, reach 5 feet, and one target that hit 6 piercing damage. These are keen on hunting techniques and attack from huge heights with their tremendous speed. If they can’t then these eagles 5e uses its powerful talon and the slashing beak to hit at the targets head and eyes. 

These don’t ever attack creatures that appear threatening. These dnd 5e giant eagles are strong.


These giant eagle dnd 5e are intelligent and strong but require proper training before it can hold a rider in combat. For its training, it must bear a friendly attitude towards the trainer. For such training, it requires a giant eagle that requires six weeks of work and a DC 25 check on.
For riding giant eagle it’s an exotic saddle. These dnd 5e giant eagle eggs worth 2,500 GP a piece on the open market. The professional trainers charge 1,000 GP for rearing or training a giant eagle.

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