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Roaming around the world while enjoying your favorite character is almost the dream of every online gamer. The game becomes even more interesting when customization of your character is in your favor. Dungeons and Dragons is a pen and paper role-playing game that has earned the place in the majority of the gamer’s devices. It is an amazing gameplay being published by Wizards that offers you the freedom of creating the character of your choice.

Create DND Character Sheet Online

Users are free to choose any of their favorite characters from the Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Sheet and can customize them as per your preferences. It is a seamless and quite easy process but if you are trying your hands for the very first time in the same, it might seem to be daunting for you. We are here with the detailed process and that will help you in getting ready for the very first game of yours on this amazing gameplay.

One can easily go with multiple options for creating up their very first character in online dnd sheet. Simplicity is the best way to complete any task perfectly and that’s why we are here providing you the simplest and working one. So just make a rough sketch in your mind, 

Just select the name of your character and have a rough idea about its alignment so that you can better prepare with what you are going to have.

Go with The Prerequisites

  1. Just collect the very basic preliminary information and get started with the online dnd character sheet. Here are some prerequisites that you need to have in your hand before starting up with the character creation.
  2. The very first thing that you have to do is to roll out your ability scores. Users can easily choose from Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellect, and Wisdom here.
  3. Think up the 5e Races of your character you wanted to work with. Think about its speed and note down it to an online dnd character creator so that you can smoothly go with the character creation process later. While deciding about the race makes sure that you also have decided about its ability scores, skill checks, speed, and proficiencies.
  4. Decide a class you are willing to go along with. Each class has its own set of primary stat, hit die, savings through proficiencies, and much more. Users are free to select anyone from the online D&d Character Sheet 5e.
  5. Features for each character in each class differ from its other levels. It usually goes on improving as we go up with the levels. Consider the features you wanted to have in your character.
  6. Backgrounds make your character even much informative and exciting so make sure to choose the one that can offer you the best proficiencies, features, and other variables.

How to Create Your Character Sheet In D&D 5e?

Character creation in an Online D&d Character Creator is not a daunting task that requires some hardcore coding or something else. It is just a simple and quick process that will hardly take your few minutes to get accomplished. All you have to do here is…

If you’re planning to start your fantasy journey with a D & D role-playing game then this article is for you. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can start your journey with this fantastic game. We also discuss the most important thing to start your journey. If you’re a new player then let me tell you that D&D is the world’s best and most popular role-playing game. In this game, you have to create your character which attains some powers and specialties chosen by you. This character appears in the game which represents you in the game. Now, I question how you can select your character? You have to fill a character sheet which is also called a D&D character sheet. This sheet attains all the information regarding your character.

This sheet asks you to select the type, accessories, and everything about your character. Once you fill this sheet and submit then your character is generated with the powers and appearances chosen by you. This sheet is available in hardcopy form as well as an online form also. So, you can easily fill this sheet according to your preference. To know how you can fill this sheet just stock this article.

 How to Fill D&D Character Sheet

The D & D character sheet attains various sections and subsections. These sections require the abilities and skills of the character. It’s not an easy task but with the help of some easy steps, you can easily fill your character sheet and can start your D&D journey. All the steps which are used to fill the character are listed below:-

Step1:- Selection of Races, Classes, and background

At your first step, I suggest you start with a selection of Races, Classes, and backgrounds of your character. These 3 categories decide the origin of your character. The base of your character is decided by them. Now, let’s discuss what these categories are and what we have to fill.


RacesSub Races
SizeSpeedLanguageAbility Modifiers
AarakocraM25/50FCommon, Aarakocra, Auran2 DEX, 1 WIS
AasimarM30Common, Celestial
FallenM30Celestial2 CHA, 1 STR
ProtectorMFlying 30 when Radiant SoulCelestial2 CHA, 1 WIS
ScourgeM30Celestial2 CHA, 1 CON
AetherbornM30+2 Any+2 CHA
BugbearM30Common, Goblin2 STR, 1 DEX
CentaurM40Common, Sylvan2 STR, 1 WIS
ChangelingM30Common, 21 DEX or WIS, 2 CHA
DragonbornM30Common, Draconic2 STR, 1 CHA
Draconblood2 INT, 1 CHA
Ravenite2 STR, 1 CON
DwarfM25Common, Dwarf
Gray (Duergar)Undercommon2 CON, 1 STR
Duergar2 CON, 1 WIS
Mark of Warding2 CON, 1 DEX
Mountain2 CON, 2 STR
ElfM30Common, Elvish
Aereni High2 DEX, 1 CON
Aereni Wood2 DEX, 1 WIS
Drow2 DEX, 1 CHA
Eladrin (Charisma)2 DEX, 1 CHA
Eladrin (Intelligence)2 DEX, 1 INT
High2 DEX, 1 INT
Mark of Shadow2 DEX, 1 CHA
Sea Elf2 DEX, 1 CON
Shadar Kai2 DEX, 1 CON
Valenar High2 DEX, 1 INT
Valenar Wood2 DEX, 1 WIS
Wood2 DEX, 1 WIS
FirbolgM30Common, Elvish, Giant2 WIS, 1 STR
GenasiM30Common, Primordial
Air Genasi2 CON, 1 DEX
Earth Genasi 2 CON, 1 STR
Fire Genasi2 CON, 1 INT
Water Genasi2 CON, 1 WIS
GithM30Common, Gith
Githyanki2 STR, 1 INT
Githzerai2 WIS, 1 INT
GnomeS25Common, Gnomish
Forest/Deep2 INT, 1 DEX
Mark of ScribingS2 INT, 1 CHA
RockS2 INT, 1 DEX
GoblinS30Common, Goblin2 DEX, 1 CON
GoliathM30Common, Giant2 STR, 1 CON
HalflingS25Common, Halfling
Mark of Healing
2 DEX, 1 WIS
Lightfoot/Hospitality2 DEX, 1 CHA
Stout2 DEX, 1 CON
Half-ElfM30Common, Elvish2 CHA, 1 ASI
2 CHA, 1 ASI
Mark of Detection2 WIS, 1 ASI
Mark of Storm2 CHA, 1 DEX
Half-OrcM30Common, Orc2 STR, 1 CON
Mark of Finding2 WIS, 1 CON
HobgoblinM30Common, Goblin2 CON, 1 INT
HumanM30Common, 1 Additional1 to All
Mark of Finding2 WIS, 1 CON
Mark of Handling2 WIS, 1 ASI
Mark of Making2 INT, 1 ASI
Mark of Passage2 DEX, 1 ASI
Mark of Sentinel2 CON, 1 WIS
Variant2 ASI
KalashtarM30Common, Quori, 11 WIS, 1 CHA
KenkuM30Common, Auran2 DEX, 1 WIS
KoboldS30Common, Draconic-2 STR, 2 DEX
LizardfolkM30Common, Draconic2 CON, 1 WIS
LoxodonM30Common, Loxodon2 CON, 1 WIS
MinotaurM30Common, Minotaur2 STR, 1 CON
OrcM30Common, Orc2 STR, 1 CON, -2 INT
Beasthide2 CON, 1 DEX
Longtooth2 STR, 1 DEX
Swiftstride2 DEX, 1 CHA
Wildhunt2 WIS, 1 DEX
Simic HybridM30Common, Elvish/Vedalken2 CON, 1 ASI
TabaxiM30Common, 12 DEX, 1 CHA
TieflingM30Common, Infernal2 CHA, 1 INT
2 CHA, 1 INT
Dispater/Glasya 2 CHA, 1 DEX
Feral2 DEX, 1 INT
Fierna2 CHA, 1 WIS
Levistus 2 CHA, 1 CON
Zariel2 CHA, 1 STR
TortleM30Common, Aquan2 STR, 1 WIS
TritonM30Common, Aquan1 STR, 1 CON, 1 CHA
M30Common, Vedalken, 12 INT, 1WIS
WarforgedM30Common2 CON, 1 ASI
Yuan-Ti PurebloodM30Common, Abyssal, Draconic2 CHA, 1 INT

Races decide the appearance of your character. We can say that you choose the species of your character in this section. Race if the character also decides the natural abilities of your character. To select the race of your character you just have to proceed to the option of “Racial Traits”. Here are some examples of races that you can choose for your character Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Dwarf,  Elf, Halfling, Human. So, you can choose one of the races for your character. 


ClassesHit DicePrimary AbilityArmorWeaponsSaves
Bard 1d8CharismaLight armorSimple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, ShortswordsDexterity, Charisma
Barbarian 1d12 Strength Light Armor, Medium Armor, shields
Simple Weapons, Martial WeaponsStrength & Constitution
Druid 1d8WisdomLight Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
(druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal)
Clubs, Daggers, Darts, Javelins, Maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spearsIntelligence & Wisdom
Fighter 1d10 Strength or DexterityLight Armor, Medium Armor,
Heavy Armor, Shields
Simple Weapons, Martial WeaponsStrength & Constitution
Monk 1d8 Dexterity & WisdomNoneSimple Weapons, ShortswordsStrength & Dexterity
Paladin1d10 Strength & CharismaAll armor, shieldsSimple Weapons, Martial WeaponsWisdom & Charisma
Ranger1d10 Dexterity & WisdomLight Armor, Medium Armor, ShieldsSimple Weapons, Martial WeaponsDexterity, Charisma
Rogue 1d8 DexterityLight ArmorSimple Weapons, Hand crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, ShortswordsDexterity & Intelligence
Sorcerer 1d6 CharismaNoneDaggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, Light CrossbowsConstitution & Charisma
Warlock 1d8 CharismaLight armorSimple weaponsWisdom & Charisma
Wizard 1d6 IntelligenceNoneDaggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, Light crossbowsIntelligence & Wisdom

In D&D role-playing games, every character is specialized with a specific skill. So, you have to select the occupation of your character also. These professions are selected in classes. This will select the class of your character and specifies the specialty of your character. These are the classes of the character in D&D role-playing game Sorcerer, Warlock, Paladin, Ranger, Monk, Paladin, Bard, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Rogue, and Barbarian. All these classes are specialized for doing specific work. So, you can select the class of your character according to your preference.


AcolytePHBInsight (WIS), religion (INT) Any x2None
AnthropologistToA Insight (WIS), religion (INT) Any x2 None
ArchaeologistToA History (INT), survival (WIS)Any x1 Choose 1: Cartographer’s tools, navigator’s tools
Caravan SpecialistCoS (AL) Deception (CHA), insight (WIS)None Disguise kit, and Choose 1: Artisan’s tools x1, Gaming set x1
Celebrity’sEE (AL) Animal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)Any x1 Vehicles (land)
ScionAI Perception (WIS), performance (CHA)Any X2 Disguise kit
CharlatanPHB Deception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)None Disguise kit, forgery kit
City WatchSCAG Athletics (STR), insight (WIS)Any x2 None
Clan CrafterSCAG History (INT), insight (WIS)Any x1 Artisan’s tools x1
Cloistered Scholar SCAG History (INT), and choose 1: arcana (INT), nature (INT), religion (INT) Any x2 None
Cormanthor RefugeeRoD (AL) Nature (INT), survival (WIS)Elvish Artisan’s tools x1
CourtierSCAG Insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA) Any x2 None
CriminalPHB Deception (CHA), stealth (DEX)None Gaming set x1, thieves’ tools
DissenterPS:A Special (See page) Special (See page) Special (See page)
Dragon CasualtyCoS (AL) Intimidation (CHA), survival (WIS)Draconic Special (See page)
Earthspur MinerEE (AL) Athletics (STR), survival (WIS)Dwarvish None
EntertainerPHB Acrobatics (DEX), performance (CHA)NoneDisguise kit, Musical instrument x1
Faction AgentSCAG Insight (WIS), and choose 1: special (See page)Any x2 None
Failed MerchantAI Investigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1Artisan’s tools x1
Far TravelerSCAG Insight (WIS), perception (WIS)Any x1Choose 1: Musical instrument x1, Gaming set x1
Folk Hero PHB Animal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)None Artisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)
GamblerAI Deception (CHA), insight (WIS)Any x1 Gaming set x1
Gate UrchinRoD (AL) Deception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)None Musical instrument x1, Thieves’ tools
Guild ArtisanPHBInsight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)Any x1 Artisan’s tools x1
HarborfolkEE (AL) Athletics (STR), sleight of hand (DEX)None Gaming set x1, vehicles (water)
Haunted OneCoS Choose 2: Arcana (INT), investigation (INT), religion (INT), survival (WIS)Exotic x1 None
HermitPHB Medicine (WIS), religion (INT)Any x1 Herbalism kit
Hillsfar MerchantRoD (AL) Insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA) None Vehicles (land), vehicles (water)
Hillsfar SmugglerRoD (AL) Perception (WIS), stealth (DEX)Any x1 Forgery kit
House AgentWGE Investigation (INT), persuasion (CHA) None Special (See page)
InheritorSCAG Survival (WIS), and choose 1: arcana (INT), history (INT), religion (INT)None Gaming set x1, musical instrument x1
InitiatePS:A Athletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)None Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)
InquisitorPS:InInvestigation (INT), religion (INT)None Artisan’s tools x1, thieves’ tools
Iron Route Bandit CoS (AL) Animal handling (WIS), stealth (DEX)None Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Knight of the OrderSCAGPersuasion (CHA), and choose 1: special (See page)Any x1 Choose 1: Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1
Mercenary VeteranSCAG Athletics (STR), persuasion (CHA)None Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Mulmaster AristocratEE (AL) Deception (CHA), performance (CHA)None Artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1
Noble PHB History (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1 Gaming set x1
Outlander PHB Athletics (STR), survival (WIS)Any x1 Musical instrument x1
Phlan Insurgent CoS (AL) Stealth (DEX), survival (WIS)None Artisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)
Phlan RefugeeEE (AL) Athletics (STR), insight (WIS) Any x1 Artisan’s tools x1
PlaintiffAI Medicine (WIS), persuasion (CHA) Any x1 Artisan’s tools x1
Rival InternAI History (INT), investigation (INT) Any x1 Artisan’s tools x1
SagePHB Arcana (INT), history (INT)Any x2 None
Sailor PHB Athletics (STR), perception (WIS)None Navigator’s tools, vehicles (water)
Secret IdentityRoD (AL) Deception (CHA), stealth (DEX) None Disguise kit, forgery kit
Shade FanaticRoD (AL) Deception (CHA), intimidation (CHA)Netherese Forgery kit
SoldierPHB Athletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)None Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)
Stojanow PrisonerCoS (AL) Deception (CHA), perception (WIS) None Gaming set x1, thieves’ tools
Ticklebelly NomadCoS (AL) Animal handling (WIS), nature (INT)Giant Herbalism kit
Trade SheriffRoD (AL) Investigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)Elvish Thieves’ tools
Urban Bounty HunterSCAG Choose 2: deception (CHA), insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA), stealth (DEX)None Choose 2: Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1, thieves’ tools
Urchin PHB Sleight of hand (DEX), stealth (DEX)None Disguise kit, thieves’ tools
Uthgardt Tribe Member SCAG Athletics (STR), survival (WIS) Any x1 Choose 1: Artisan’s tools x1, Musical instrument x1
VizierPS:A History (INT), religion (INT)None Artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1
Waterdhavian Noble SCAG History (INT), persuasion (CHA)Any x1 Choose 1: Gaming set x1, Musical instrument x1

These categories introduce the history of your character. This tells from where your character comes to and exists. Not only this you also have to place the skills and proficiencies of your character here. The background is an identification of the history of your character. All the backgrounds which are available in D&D role-playing game are listed below:-

Folk Hero, Sailor, Soldier, Acolyte, Charlatan, Noble, Outlander, Sage, Guild Artisan, Hermit, and Entertainer.

After filling in all the details of Races, classes, and backgrounds we can proceed to our next step which is listed below:-

Step2:- Filling of Stat blocks

Stat blocks are also called the Main Body of the D&D character sheet because it attains most of the information of a character regarding the abilities and skills of the character.

D&D Character Sheet Stat Blocks

Ability Modifier

The first box of these stat blocks asks about the ability modifier of the character. The ability modifier refers to a score that you add to your dice to play your turn for example:- If your ability modifier is a+1 and the rolled number is 10 then your final score becomes 11.

Proficiency Modifier

Proficiency modifiers are also known as the name of an additional modifier. At the starting level, this score must be +2. You can change this score accordingly. It increases with increasing levels. So, you just have to write +2 into the stat blocks of proficiency modifier.

Saving Throws

Saving throws are the defensive element of a character. You can defend against an attack of your enemy character with the help of stat blocks. It is the sum of a proficient modifier and Dexterity modifier.

Skill Scores

This score is used to bluff in front of your enemy character. You can bluff or decent someone with the help of skill scores. Skill score is the sum of the proficient score and relevant ability points for example:- If your proficient score is +2 and relevant ability point is +4 then your skill score is +6.

Passive Perception

This ability shows the things which are happening in your surroundings. At the initial level, passive perception must be 10. It increases from the increasing player level by a+2. It means that your passive perception at a level is 12.

When you fill all the details in the stat blocks you can proceed to the next step.

Step3:- Proficiencies and languages

D&D Character Sheet Proficiencies and languages

At this step, you have to fill the language and proficiencies of your character. All this data is differently applied to every specific character. Now, let’s discuss a short note about the proficiencies and languages of the character in the D&D role-playing game.


This equipment that your character can use without any penalty is called the proficiencies of your character. Don’t worry because you’ll get the list of proficiency of the character in the character sheet.


What your character uses to communicate to another character of this D&D role-playing game is called the language of your character. To understand the concept of language you can take a look at page no. 123 of the character sheet booklet. For pdf form character booklet users this data is available on page no. 34.

Step4:- Selection Of Equipment

At this step, you have to select primary equipment that your character uses to survive in the game. This includes Weapons, gears, and armors. All the equipment is available in 2 different sections which are 1. Default inventory and 2. Purchased inventory.

D&D Character Sheet Equipment

Default Inventory

These are the basic equipment which you got at the starting of your game.

Purchased Inventory

If you want to improve the strength of your character then you can add some purchased equipment. You have to spend your golds which you got at the starting of the game on the equipment.

Step5:- Spellcasting and Attacks Selection Of The Character

D&D Character Sheet Spellcasting and Attacks

I recommend you to provide your special attention to fill this section because this section will decide how powerful your character is. With the selection of spell casting and attacks allows your character to fight to their enemies. These attacks or spells should be done with the help of tangible weapons (Sword, bows, and many other) and the attack modifier.

How To Calculate The Attack Modifier?

You can attack your enemy by adding your ability score by d20 roll with the help of your proficient weapon. To calculate this you can follow the steps which are listed below:-

Note:- Proficient weapons are that weapon that your character is favorable to use.


Damage is called the rate that you hurt your opponent with the help of your spell. To fill this section you have to follow the steps which are listed below:-

Note:- A column is also available in the sheet for special abilities. So, if your character attains any special power then you can write it in this column.

Step6:- Combat Stats and HP

D&D Character Sheet Combat Stats and HP

At this step, you have to select the combat stats of the character and HP of the character. This is also a major category that should be filled with proper concentration. This category asks to fill 8 Boxes that attain a separate social quality. All these sections are listed below:-

Armor Class

Here you have to decide the class of your weapon. It means that the Armor class decides the strength of your armor. Without wearing any armor your AC is +10 of your dexterity modifier.


The dexterity score of a character is your initiative score. This decides the response time of your character.


The average speed of a D&D character is 30 feet. So, you can go with it.

Hit dice

The healing capacity of your character is called it’s Hit dice. At the initial level, your Hit dice is 1. For more information, you can read the player’s handbook.

Hit points (Current)

It shows the current health of your character.

Hit points (Temporary)

These hit points are the result of bluffs and spells and it is not used to character creation in D&D.

Death Saves

This helps to determine the character when the character is reaching 0 HP.

Hit points (Maximum)

This shows the maximum HP of your character. To calculate this at level 1 you can add a+1 from your roll.

Step7:- Features Of The Character

D&D Character Sheet Features & Traits

At this step, you just completed almost 80% of your character sheet and at this time you covered most of the important things. At this step, you have to put some features of your character. You can customize it by yourself or can take the help of the player’s handbook.

Step8:- Trait boxes

D&D Character Sheet Trait boxes

This section tells about the personality of your character. This includes 4 subsections that attain some qualities of the character. So, let’s discuss these subsections

Personality Traits

Personality makes you unique and creates a difference between your character from the rest of the other characters.


This shows the weakness and fear of your character.


The subsections attain information regarding the fundamentals and ethics of your character.


This shows the tiredness of your character in the D&D world.

All these 4 subsections create a trait box section. You can take help from the Player’s Handbook Of D&D.

Step9:- Name And Remaining Information

D&D Character Sheet Name And Remaining Information

Now, it’s time to give your character a name. You can set any name according to your preference. Character sheet booklet also attains a huge list of names. If you are still unable to find a perfect name for your character then you can take the help of a fantasy name generator online. Not only this you also have to fill in the background, class, level Alignment, and experience point. You’ll get proper guidance about them in the character sheet booklet.

Step10:- Take A Tour Of Your Filled Sheet

D&D Character Sheet

The filling process of your sheet is completed and now you have to take a tour of your character sheet to check any mistakes in it.

So, these are the steps by which you can easily fill your character sheet. If you have any problem then you can read the character sheet booklet and players handbook. So, fill your character with the help of these steps and start your journey with the world’s larger role-playing game.

How to add armor, weapons, and battle in the dnd 5e game?

Creating a perfect character in the online 5e character sheet is not just enough until you are having strong Armors and Weapons to beat your opponents and to save yourself in the game. Moreover, the battle you are going to play on also one of the other most important things that one needs to consider while proceeding further with your very first gaming experience in the d&d game.

  1. For customizing your character in online 5e character creator all you have to do.
  2. Choose the predetermined equipment being placed on your class page. Make sure to choose the equipment that includes the powers that you need to have in the gameplay.
  3. Calculate your Armor class just by adding an armor rating and your dexterity modifier or bonus in the game.
  4. Once done with the above process, you now have to go with the Attacks and Spellcasting section.
  5. Weapons are often physical weapons such as sword or bow. One can make use of strength modifiers and proficiency bonuses together for use as an attack bonus. Damage in the game is usually being calculated as per the weapon strength and your dexterity modifier.

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