How to create a DND character online?

Roaming around the world while enjoying your favorite character is almost the dream of every online gamer. The game becomes even more interesting when customization of your character is in your favor. Dungeons and Dragons is a pen and paper role-playing game that has earned the place in the majority of the gamer’s devices. It is amazing gameplay being published by Wizards that offers you the freedom of creating the character of your choice.


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Create DND Character online

Users are free to choose any of their favorite characters from the Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Sheet and can customize them as per your preferences. It is a seamless and quite easy process but if you are trying your hands for the very first time in the same, it might seem to be daunting for you. We are here with the detailed process and that will help you in getting ready for the very first game of yours on this amazing gameplay.

Create DND Character Online

One can easily go with multiple options for creating up their very first character in online dnd sheet. Simplicity is the best way to complete any task perfectly and that’s why we are here providing you the simplest and working one. So just make a rough sketch in your mind, 

Just select the name of your character and have a rough idea about its alignment so that you can better prepare with what you are going to have.

Go with the prerequisites

  • Just collect the very basic preliminary information and get started with the online dnd character sheet. Here are some prerequisites that you need to have in your hand before starting up with the character creation.
  • The very first thing that you have to do is to roll out your ability scores. Users can easily choose from Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellect, and Wisdom here.
  • Think up the 5e Races of your character you wanted to work with. Think about its speed and note down it to an online dnd character creator so that you can smoothly go with the character creation process later. While deciding about the race makes sure that you also have decided about its ability scores, skill checks, speed, and proficiencies.
  • Decide a class you are willing to go along with. Each class has its own set of primary stat, hit die, savings through proficiencies, and much more. Users are free to select anyone from the online D&d Character Sheet 5e.
  • Features for each character in each class differ from its other levels. It usually goes on improving as we go up with the levels. Consider the features you wanted to have in your character.
  • Backgrounds make your character even much informative and exciting so make sure to choose the one that can offer you the best proficiencies, features, and other variables.

How to create your character in DND 5e?

Character creation in an Online D&d Character Creator is not a daunting task that requires some hardcore coding or something else. It is just a simple and quick process that will hardly take your few minutes to get accomplished. All you have to do here is…

  • Get set with your ability scores. Make sure that you are setting up the highest scores to your primary stat.
  • Get back to the main race page and select a race that can provide you a bonus also. Add it to your assigned scores and also note down the ability modifies below scores also.
  • Go to the saving throws and skills options and add Ability modifiers and assign each score to the.
  • Check out your class and note down the saving throws and skills that your character is proficient in.
  • Once done now add the proficiency bonus to each of the scores in the online d&d 5e character sheet.
  • Note down the dexterity modifier and your wisdom modifier.
  • Hitpoints represent the life of your character in online character sheet 5e. Users need to make use of hit die and your constitution modifier for writing down your hit points.
  • Each of the character is dnd game is quite familiar to common and some other languages also and that you will have to add in the online character sheet. Moreover, you also have to add here the most circumstances where you use them and your character’s intelligence modifier along with it also.


have the characters fight a strong enemy. when they get stronger place them against 5 of these enemies.

players love seeing the development of their characters

How to add armor, weapons, and battle in the dnd 5e game?

Creating a perfect character in the online 5e character sheet is not just enough until you are having strong Armors and Weapons to beat your opponents and to save yourself in the game. Moreover, the battle you are going to play on also one of the other most important things that one needs to consider while proceeding further with your very first gaming experience in the d&d game.

  • For customizing your character in online 5e character creator all you have to do.
  • Choose the predetermined equipment being placed on your class page. Make sure to choose the equipment that includes the powers that you need to have in the gameplay.
  • Calculate your Armor class just by adding an armor rating and your dexterity modifier or bonus in the game.
  • Once done with the above process, you now have to go with the Attacks and Spellcasting section.
  • Weapons are often physical weapons such as sword or bow. One can make use of strength modifier and proficiency bonus all together for using as attack bonus. Damage in the game is usually being calculated as per the weapon strength and your dexterity modifier.

Player's Handbook / Basic Rules Icon Player’s Handbook / Basic Rules

Hit Die: d12
Primary Ability: Strength
Saves: Strength & Constitution…

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Charisma
Saves: Dexterity & Charisma..

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Wisdom
Saves: Wisdom & Charisma

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Wisdom
Saves: Intelligence & Wisdom

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Dexterity & Wisdom
Saves: Strength & Dexterity..

Hit Die: d10
Primary Ability: Strength & Charisma
Saves: Wisdom & Charisma

Hit Die: d10
Primary Ability: Dexterity
Saves: Strength & Dexterity

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Dexterity
Saves: Dexterity & Intelligence..

Hit Die: d6
Primary Ability: Charisma
Saves: Constitution & Charisma..

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Charisma
Saves: Wisdom & Charisma..

Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Hit Die: d8
Primary Ability: Intelligence
Saves: Constitution & Intelligence


Critical Role Icon Critical Role

Hit Die: d10
Primary Ability: Strength or Dexterity, & Intelligence
Saves: Dexterity & Intelligence..