The Xanathar’s guide is a book that follows the initial book of the 5th edition of the dungeons and dragons game. It adds more content to the original books and has valuable information. The artwork and the quality of the first book are amazing and is a feast. The mains sections of the book that are featured are.

Book Editions:

Edition : 5th
ISBN : 978-0-7869-6612-7
Date Published : 11/26/2017
Format : EBook

Size Of PDF : 8.12 MB

Number of Pages : 501 Pages


Author: Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Robert J. Schwalb, Adam Lee, Christopher Perkins, Matt Sernett…

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These additional subclasses which have been coming out via Unearthed Arcana come under this section.in this single context of a pdf, they’ve bee cleaned up and balanced well. Many of the choices given include some revised takes on older class variations, some new trails at previously checked themes, and some completely new sub-classes like the Horizon Walker, a ranger of the planes who tend to move through the multiverse.

    Some good optional racial feats are mentioned by the end of this chapter in the pdf of Xanathar’s guide to everything. These feats get more interesting when they’re being used on the weirder Races like the race of Dragonborn, etc. many of the options given and changes that took place gave a big emphasis on RP or role-playing centered classes and also on the class options.  Mostly roll playing is a plus compared to the role-playing.  The new classes are considered underwhelming to the combat focussed gamers.


This section would fascinate the user if one is a dungeon master. It gives a guide on what a dungeon master can do and how he can change up the game if he wants to. It explains and clarifies the doubts regarding the options a dungeon master has.  There are also a few visual bits of help regarding how the presentation is done on the grid systems for the area of effect. Fair encounter building with tables and all the suggestions for the dungeon master is also a part of this section which gives a required break thorough.

       The random encounter tables are supposed to be the best part of this section. Depending on the level and the type of environment present, tables are given for random encounters finally. There is a good collection of that. Long pages describing it. Players might run into amazing, cool, and interesting things that are mentioned in the tables. These tables are really fun to try and are exciting at the same time.

     The next few pages include details about how traps function, how to make traps interesting, how they’re dealt with, few ideas about downtime, and then ideas about how magic items are made. This book is like a feast to the eyes of a nerd. This book also includes how magic items are made and how the dungeon master can make them more interesting.


New Spells are always great and name the game a better place. Multiple pages of names are provided for quick name generation, in the end. The book is comparatively small which is a drawback and doesn’t contain new stuff like details of complete new class or magic system for the game. This is not recommended to new players who do not tend to go to the dungeon master. It contains a lot of spoiler information in here that kills the wow factor for newbies on a party that the dungeon masters usually love to have in the game.

              The book is still amazing and is one of the books on the list if it needs to be recommended to the fan of the game of dungeons and dragons edition five. But the book stands in position three with one and two taken by players handbook and dungeon masters guide. It provides more D&D 5e Character choice, more choices for the races, more choices with the rules, increased number of tables, more CLERIC SPELLS 5e, and with a lot of new and varieties available. Especially this would be more useful for the dungeon master. It is considered to be a great addition and should be used profoundly when the game of dungeons and dragons 5th edition is being played by the users.


Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is an accessory for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Guide [ DnD, D&D ] fantasy role-playing game, published in 2017. It is a supplement book to the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook. 

      The Xanathar’s guide to everything is a good book and acts as an excellent guide to know more about the game of dungeons and dragons edition 5. This will be a great deal for the party playing to really get more invested and increase the power of the characters in the game of the dungeons and dragons 5th edition. The idea of prestige classes in the edition of 3.5 is preferred by many but the fact of not losing XP on multi leading, since now it’s like staying in the same class, even though one becomes a spell thief or a spell sword. The size of the pdf of the book is typically around 8.12MB and the book contains around 501 pages. This book is comparatively a good choice for the users. h The book entirely contains very cool stuff and is enjoyed by many. One should give it a try if they plan on expanding one’s knowledge on the topic of dungeons and dragons game of the edition- 5.