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Tieflings are typical humanoids, which are human based plane touched but natively outsiders in the game of Dungeons And Dragons. They’ve been a part of the series since third edition and now run till the fifth edition of the game. They descended from fiends like demons, Yugoloths, devils, evil deities and so on others that ended up breeding with humans.

 Tieflings are cunning, and evil minded creatures. They are perfectly deceiving and make good leaders when prejudices were kept aside.

 Though the evil ancestors of Tieflings are long gone, the witty nature still lingers around. Tieflings vary while being aligned close to humans, though they’re considerably devious. Tieflings initially are not thrown to evil alignments unlike the half-fiends. Tieflings celestial counterparts are known as Aasimar. Other Races which are similar to tieflings are the fey’ri, maeluth, tanarukk, and wisplings.


Never did two tieflings look the same way. Inconsistency is manifested because of the fiendish blood in their veins, which allows them to have an array of fiendish traits. One might end up looking like a human with reasonable horns while the other might end up having wings and fangs making it look devilish. The way these traits are for a tiefling describe their bloodline. Tieflings can either be oddly beautiful to utterly disgusting creatures, so it’s a wonder how one tiefling differs from another.

    Tieflings mostly settle n the land they were born in or choose to settle in.  tieflings are generally considered evil and devilish but in cultures where the demons are summoned and demons are worshipped, tiefling could be popular and be celebrated sometimes even cherished. Tieflings might rarely get a chance to encounter another one of its kind so it mostly adopts the traits, habits and manners of its human parent.

Tieflings are considered as the demons, curses and Monsters present in the current world by other 5e Races and are often judged pretty soon. Civilized races downsize the tiefling race while the monstrous races simply fear the tieflings and rather avoid them. But few races like the half – elves, half – orcs, fetchlings and mostly the Aasimars which get rejected by the other races and do not fit into the other societies too because of their birth view the tieflings as good natured spirits. Tieflings are mostly put in the planar-influenced nations and cosmopolitan since they are prejudiced as evil by other races and cultures initially itself.

             Tieflings can be of any alignment despite their demonic heritage. While some tieflings give in to the inner demonic voices they hear, other stand rigid while rejecting their origins and try to fight against their demonic desires by trying to perform good and act better. Most races tend o assume that tieflings worship the demons but in reality their beliefs are varied and can be different as their physical forms. Individual tieflings end to worship all kinds of deities but in the end might end up avoiding religion at all, while the tieflings that listen to their inner demonic voice worship demons of all kinds. Tieflings make skilled rogues, powerful wizards Spells, and magi, and especially puissant sorcerers as their potent blood empowers them. The ones that give in to their inner demons often tend to become the powerful Cleric Spells 5e of demonic powers.

Male names Baru, Dellisar, Maldrek, Molos, Sarvin, Shoremoth, Temerith, Voren, Zoren.

Female Names: Allizsah, Indranna, Kasidra, Kilarra, Mellisan, Mordren, Nisha.

Tiefling Traits –

  • Ability score modifiers : 

They usually gain +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence and -2 charisma. Tieflings are comparatively faster in body and mind.

  • Type:

Having the native subtype tieflings are outsiders in the game.

  • Size:

Tieflings tend to receive neither penalties nor bonuses because of their size. They are medium in size.

  • Speed:

A speed of 30 feet is allotted to tieflings.

  • Languages:

Tieflings began speaking common ad either abyssal or infernal. Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, and Orc are the languages only tieflings with high intelligence scores can choose. Linguistic skill page can be referred for more language options.

  • Défense racial traits-(fiendish resistance):

Tieflings have cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, and fire resistance 5.

  • Feat and skill racial traits –(skilled):

tieflings gain a +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Stealth checks.

  • Magical racial traits –(spell-like ability):

As spell-like ability tieflings can use darkness. The tieflings class level would then to equal to the caster level for this ability.

  • Senses racial traits ( Darkvision):

Up to 60 feet tieflings can see perfectly in the dark.

  • Other racial traits(fiendish sorcery):

Tiefling sorcerers with the abyssal or infernal bloodlines treat their charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer class abilities.


  1. Beguiling liar.
  2. Bullying
  3. Fiendish sprinter
  4. Light from the darkness
  5. Maw or claw.
  6. Pass for human
  7. Prehensile tail
  8. Scaled skin
  9. Smite good’
  10. Soul seer
  11. Underworld guide
  12. Vestigial wings


  1. Alchemist
  2. Cleric Spells 5e
  3. Druid
  4. Inquisitor
  5. Magus
  6. Paladin
  7. Rogue
  8. Sorcerer
  9. Summoner
  10. Witch
  11. Wizard Spells
  12. Barbarian
  13. Bard
  14. Cavalier
  15. Fighter
  16. Gunslinger
  17. Monk
  18. Oracle
  19. Ranger


  1. Adulthood around 60 years
  2. Intuitive around 64 – 84 years
  3. Self – taught around 66 – 96 years
  4. Trained around 68 – 108 years.

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