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Druid 5e Class – Dungeons & Dragons

Class Features

As a druid, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice1d8 per druid level
Hit Points at 1st Level8 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per druid level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shields (druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal)
Weapons: Clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears
Tools: Herbalism kit
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Choose two from Arcana, Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Religion, and Survival


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

1st+2Druidic, Spellcasting22--------
2nd+2Wild Shape, Druid Circle+2+3--------
4th+2Wild Shape Improvement, Ability Score Improvement343-------
6th+3Druid Circle Feature3433------
8th-Wild Shape Improvement, Ability Score Improvement34332-----
10th+4Druid Circle Feature443332----
12th+4Ability Score Improvement4433321---
14th+5Druid Circle Feature44333211--
16th+5Ability Score Improvement443332111-
18th+6Timeless Body, Beast Spells4433331111
19th+6Ability Score Improvement4433332111

DND 5e Druid Spells to create a druid character that closely born with nature and character life society is raised with the tribes and also it is being abandoned in the depth of a forest. Perhaps the character is assigned to the spirit of nature which faces agent equal and surviving a dwarf wolf of experiences. The character is designed with the epic storm volcanic eruption and it is interrupted with the part of the destiny of the characters which is then signed with the adventurous calling and also here you can spend sacred time with the creature.

D&D 5e druid guide is created with the adventurous life finding the purpose of the new table and also it whole certain plants particularly such as elder ash and hassle too often define as well casting focus in the spring of missile. There are some wooden druid weapons that are associated with rebirth handles and also it is associated with the club of Weapons are and it is designed with a dark javelin. Some of the druid regions are described with similar uses, for instance, it is designed with a desert region that might have been designed with the cactus plants.

5e Druid Circles create a force of nature that is devoted to many nature of multiversity and it is considered as the ancient tradition designed for urbanized people.

Druid wild shape 5e consists of certain plants with the different force of nature and it is devoted to multiple features of abilities that are worshipped in a traditional way of urbanized people. In fact, many other breeding faith farmers are closely focused beyond the personification and they formed reading circles that are connected with the single nature of deity.

Power Of Nature Balance And Class Features Of Druid 5e

Druid 5e is holding with staff summons and it is called a storm explosive bolt which is a light and to carry torch threaten during the time of traveling in her forest. Crouch site of tree branch is designed to form a leopard and human peers to form a jungle strange construction in a temple that is very relevant to the closed eyes of activist activities.

Druid spells 5e is the nature of swinging blade which is formed with half help charges and uses Little soldiers to design and unnatural magic of all creatures that is marking in resemblance of life the entire elemental forces are created the animal world based upon nature’s resilience. They also claim the mastery of nature-based upon them with some nature’s extension and it resembles the mocking life.

Nature Of Power

DND 5e druid built with the nature of gaining spells and other magical powers and also it is created with the force of nature-based upon the nature deity. There are many pursue fruits built with spirituality mystic power based upon the nature devotion and divine entity to rule the wild nature of elemental forces and animals. The ancient traditions are sometimes built with old faith contrast worship of God with shrines and temples.

Druid 5e guide is spend based upon the oriented animals and nature towards the power of tooth, moon, and sun and it is designed with the nature of ability gaining with animal forms with some particular study to point out the nature of the animal forum.

Preserving The Balance Nature

DND 5e druid spells exist in the pre Carriers balance nature in the type of four different elements that are designed to the world as fire, earth, water, and air to remain stable equilibrium. If, one of the element gains more power when compared to the other will be destroyed with elemental forces and component elements. The druid elemental evil promotes and exclusion of other elements that are concerned with the technological balance of animal plants and life-based upon the civilized harmony of nature. It is cruel in nature story designed with unnatural Beholder’s which includes vampires.

Druid 5e spell list the contain some of the creatures that are explicitly known as Monsters designed with its territory and it is found with the square and sides watching in the spoil in nature of situation danger areas and also it is threatening the nature balance protect and to create an active moral story in combating the adventurous threat.

The Wild Shape Of A Druid

Best druid spells 5e is designed in the second magical level to assume the shape that is featured device and also it can be expanded with short and long term of terminal server. The best shape of the transform is one of the challenging great to define in flying or a swimming speed with a number of equal hours that are reverted to design in a normal form.

5e druid cantrips are designed to form a number of equal level shapes that is reverted to a normal form unless it can be expanded to design as a normal feature which is ready to create a bonus of an actual turn which is automatically heated with a number of hit points with the form of dice.

5e moon druid is one of the statistical alignments and creative with different wisdom intelligence and personality and also with charisma scores with different saving proficiency are added to the gaining of the feature game. This Charisma score is also added with some gaining creature bonus instead you can complete legendary actions that help to transform into a normal dropping hit points which are reversed with the excess damage of carriers.

The process of casting a spell is required to handle many DND 5e druid circles of the Moon to transform the concentration break and however, it prevents from taking actions and call lighting spells which have been already released with the cast.

Some of the druid circles are merged with some equipment effect to form a new shape or size and also it matches to increase the ability score to about 20 by using a feature timeless body.

Druid multiclass 5e is prepared to form a spell cast level and also it is expanded to regain the available druid spells to choose the particular modifier. The Spells of the different levels have different slots and the third level of the grid is filled out with different combinations and here you can cast the removed form into the prepared spells to form a danger zone with different spellcasting abilities.

Some of the 5e druid wild shape lists are created to format different type of language skills that are designed with hidden messages and also it is automatically spotted out which is automatically spat based upon the nature School it is designed with two strips of nature and also you can explain the slot higher and higher when you finish for long rest.

Druid optimization 5e is designed with the movement of jumping cast and here you can choose the expected crazy names based upon the wizard and also you can come at the number of breakdown spell slots that are attached to the additional controller to choose the druid magical form of nature. Unlike the statistics of land, druid 5e is created to generate different statistics with the nature of attribute and here you can be a medium of Armor with its maximum time that is available with every constitution and it is designed with the spell attack modifier to regain its damage level.


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdHold Person, Spike Growth
5thSleet Storm, Slow
7thFreedom of Movement, Ice Storm
9thCommune with Nature, Cone of Cold


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdMirror Image, Misty Step
5thWater Breathing, Water Walk
7thControl Water, Freedom of Movement
9thConjure Elemental, Scrying


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdBlur, Silence
5thCreate Food and Water, Protection from Energy
7thBlight, Hallucinatory Terrain
9thInsect Plague, Wall of Stone


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdBarkskin, Spider Climb
5thCall Lightning, Plant Growth
7thDivination, Freedom of Movement
9thCommune with Nature, Tree Stride


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdInvisibility, Pass without Trace
5thDaylight, Haste
7thDivination, Freedom of Movement
9thDream, Insect Plague


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdSpider Climb, Spike Growth
5thLightning Bolt, Meld into Stone
7thStone Shape, Stoneskin
9thPasswall, Wall of Stone


Druid LevelCircle Spells
3rdAcid Arrow, Darkness
5thWater Walk, Stinking Cloud
7thFreedom of Movement, Locate Creature
9thInsect Plague, Scrying
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