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Get Essential details about dnd 5e blood hunter along with Level and feature

Are you also one of those looking for all the essential details about this amazing 5e blood hunterGame in D&D ? 

If your answer is yes then we are here to help you out. It is an amazing game available for all those who love thrill, adventure and taking the life and death related decisions. If you are one of those I love playing with math quiz then also you will definitely love it out. Although for all those users who find it difficult to solve the mathematical puzzles then you may find it quite boring. This game is quite complex but interesting to play. Additionally it helps you in using your powers to take decisions against the evils and fight against them and beat them to get the best peace.

In this dnd 5e blood hunter build game, you choose between the peace and your blood relations as well. You always give humanity the most priority and take the decisions regarding the same. 

There are several amazing features that are involved in this game and also while playing it you get a lot of weapons and capabilities. The weapons and the equipment you get while playing the game are so amazing that you will enjoy using them and seal most powerful while playing the game. Beautiful landscape filled with different beasts, devils and evil people that have crossed all the limits of evilness. Most of them live in darkness and so superstitious. There are some who grow very well and handled the experience and instead of choosing to stand up and fight against the tide of shadow they grew immensely. Such folks are the heroes.

On the other hand, there are some who keen on destroying the plates from the countryside and embrace to the dark and forbidden knowledge. Even the forgot their blood rituals and identify their enemies and fight against them. They only call their own humanity and fight against the evils decant. They are the blood hunters.

what is a blood hunter dnd 5e ?

A dnd 5e blood hunter is a Martial striker that is quite similar to the Ranger. The skill set of a blood Hunter is quite same as compared to the ranger. Both are in and out of combat and building a blood Hunter feels very similar. In order to build a blood Hunter you can easily take any ranger and replace all the class levels with the levels of the blood hunter dnd 5e. 

Additionally it will also help you out in getting a perfectly functional character as well. Although it is right that it is a complicated class. There are several resources fools that you need to track. Additional e you also need to hit maximum points. In case you are one of those who are intimidated by math or feel special casters difficult to play then and it may become quite difficult for you to enjoy the blood Hunter class. In case you are one of those who love managing the resource pools for taking the life or death risk reward decisions then you will definitely love this game and also this game will have a lot more to offer to you.

The flavor of this blood hunter class 5e is quite interesting and also abilities included in this class are exciting as well. Sometimes you may find quite rough and difficult to cross the limits in this class but still the mechanics given will prove to be helpful for you.

LevelProficiencyCrimson Rite Damage DieBlood MaledictionsBlood Curses KnownFeatures
1st21d4Crimson Rite, Hunter’s Bane
2nd21d412Blood Malediction, Empowered Blood
3rd21d412Blood Hunter Order
4th21d412Ability Score Improvement
5th31d423Order Feature
6th31d423Master Hunter’s Bane
7th31d424Order Feature
8th31d424Ability Score Improvement
10th41d635Hunter’s Sight
11th41d636Order Feature
12th41d636Ability Score Improvement
13th51d647Dark Velocity
14th51d647Hardened Soul
15th51d648Order Feature
16th51d648Ability Score Improvement
18th61d859Order Feature
19th61d8510Ability Score Improvement
20th61d8510Sanguine Mastery

Levels and features of blood hunter

Features Of Blood Hunter

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per blood hunter level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per blood hunter level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shields
WeaponsSimple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: Alchemist’s supplies
Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom

5e Blood Hunter (critical Role Class).pdf


Download & View 5e Blood Hunter (critical Role Class).pdf as PDF for free.

As per the details available in blood hunter 5e pdf and blood hunter 5e guide, there are total 20 levels in this blood hunter game. At every level you get some proficiency bonuses.

  • At the First level, you get plus 2 proficiency level and two features including hunters Ben and crimson right.
  • When you reach the second level you again get plus 2 proficiency bona along with the fighting style features.
  • At the third level to along with the two proficiency bonus you get the d&d 5e blood hunter order feature.
  • When you reach the fourth level again you get 2 + proficiency bonus and the ability is score improvement feature as well.
  • After the fourth level the increased and at 5th level you get plus 3 proficiency bonuses along with extra attack.
  • When you reach the sixth level the proficiency bonus remains same and you get blood Mel addict and primal write features.
  • Again in the 7th level the proficiency feature bonus is same and you get the blood Hunter order feature.
  • In the 8th level you get the ability score improvement along with three proficiency bonus.
  • Again after the 8th level, the proficiency bonus increases and it becomes 4
  • At the 9th level u get primal rate along with green psychometric feature
  • At the 10th level you get plus 4 proficiency bonus along with blood Hunter order feature.
  • Again at the eleventh level u get plus 4 proficiency bonuses along with dark velocity and blood Mel addict feature.
  • At the 12th level the proficiency bonus remains the same and you get the ability score improvement feature.
  • Thereafter the 13th level is started with increased proficiency bonus. Yes at the 13th level u get + 5 proficiency bonus along with esoteric rite
  • At the 14th level, the proficiency bonus remains same and you also get to the heart and soul feature.
  • The 15 level comes with the same proficiency bonus along with the blood Hunter order feature.
  • Thereafter, at the 16th level you get the ability Score improvement with the same proficiency bonus.
  • Again at the 17th level, the proficiency bonus increases up to plus 6 and you get the enduring form and blood Maledict feature at the 17th level.
  • Thereafter at the 18th level you get the same proficiency bonus along with blood Hunter order feature.
  • Finally in the 19th Level blood hunter d&d 5e level you get the ability score improvement with plus 6 proficiency bonuses.
  • When you reach the last level that is a 20 level you get the 6 plus proficiency level along with sanguine mastery.

Requirements for being a blood hunter:

Being a dnd 5e blood hunter lycan it is important for you to have the class features. First of all, the Hit Points, it is necessary to have hit dice of 1d10 per blood hunter level along with Hit Points at 1st Level. 10 + your Constitution modifier. Additionally, you should hit points at higher levels as well like 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per blood hunter level after 1st. Apart from this you should have some of the specific proficiencies including the armor, weapon, tools, saving throws, and skills as well. 

You should have a light armor, middle armor and Shields. Apart from this you should have simple and Martial weapons as well. Along with all this, you should also have all chemistry supply tools. Your strength and wisdom will only help you in getting saved. You should have at least two skills from athletics, acrobatics, arcana, insight, investigation and survival as well.

You should also have some equipment. You requirement will be granted to you according to your background. There are four combinations from which you will get. The first will be a Martial weapon or two simple weapons. Another will be a light crossbow and bolts or hard crossbow and 20 bolts. III will be studded leather armor for scale mail armor. An explorer pack will also be granted.

Hence these are some of the essential details about the Blood Hunter 5e. You can go through the details and get set to play hard and enjoy the adventure.

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