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The Aasimar D&D 5e is innately humans with a significant amount of celestial or good outsider blood in their ancestry. They aren’t really very benevolent in nature but have a knack for kindness and often tend to be drawn towards faith or any other organization associated with the celestials. It isn’t strange to find an Aasimar 5e to be born out of two human parents, because the Aasimar trait has a habit of lying dormant for generations together.

In essence, the birth of a 5e Aasimar is regarded by a good omen by most societies, but some D&D 5e Aasimars take advantage of this good nature of theirs and turn to more cruel and sadistic sides, sometimes living a double life, keeping up a false image of a hero while keeping their corrupted sides on the silent. However, these are exceptions and it isn’t the thumb rule.

Things To Know About Aasimar DND 5e

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What Is Aasimar?

5e Aasimar is the Race in D&D Game. Aasimar’s are the gaming character here and their physical description resembles as humans most of the parts. These are the humans with a large amount of celestial or excellent outsider blood in their ancestors and hence display their special heritage also. The characters seem to be ruder and prefer to associate more with the beings who are in celestial organizations.

If we talk about their nature, they live a dual life. Aasimar acts as good citizens among the people whereas it seems to be vicious and notorious at certain situations also. The looks are quite interesting and hairs shine like metal. Eyes are sparkling whereas the skin is also lustrous and has golden halos in them. One can easily distinguish them even in the crowd also because of their amazing looks.


Appearance and Attributes

D&D 5e Aasimar is usually similar to humans when it comes to their looks barring a few minor physical traits. It is believed that the D&D 5e Aasimar arose out of the union between celestial beings but their origins should not lead to the belief that they’re always good-natured as mentioned previously. Planetary’s are usually said to have emerald skin while those of avoral lineage have a mix of feathers and hair, resembling humans to a great degree.

Those 5e Aasimar which descend from the sun is bestowed with topaz eyes and silver skin while those descending from ghaeles are equipped with pearly and opalescent eyes.

It is very common for every Aasimar character sheet to bear abilities like Dark vision, Celestial Resistance, and Healing Hands. They also contain subraces like the protector Aasimar, fallen Aasimar, and scourge Aasimar. Anyone of these subraces could be chosen for a character.


The psychology of the 5e Aasimar is quite vigilant, unlike other Characters. People despise the character but don’t hate them as much as they hate those hailing from a fiendish bloodline. They’re known to have a deep sense of empathy for other individuals.

Most of the D&D 5e Aasimar races belong to the celestial category but some of them are evil indeed as mentioned previously. This outcome was a result of the gods Seth and Shar working out a forbidden path for these Aasimars.


All D&D 5e Aasimars do not have a permanent home. Because of their rare appearance, they had to live with other Races and were devoid of being associated with their kin. Due to the gods mating with humans was a very rare occurrence, the chances of aasimars being siblings are very rare.

Two 5e aasimars, previously unacquainted, instantly felt the bond of kinship due to the feeling of an underlying understanding between them and took to siding with each other in terms of conflict because of this nature of kinship between them.

D&D 5e aasimars are often found to be residing in Mulhorand. The region offered enough opportunities to all the 5e aasimars irrespective of their belonging in the social strata.


All 5e aasimars are religious in nature, due to their celestial origin. While some D&D 5e aasimars can turn into paladins to serve the gods, most spellcasters are known to summon divine magic. However, D&D 5e aasimars can’t be associated with just one god. The 5e aasimars mostly followed gods based upon the region they were born in.

The Statics Of The Aasimar 5th Edition D&D

  • The size is of medium proportions The type is of humanoid.
  • The tag is the Aasimar.
  • The homeland is of the celestial planes and the human planes.
  • The sub-races are the deva.
  • They have an insightful magnetic personality (can cast the light and celestial heritage)

Features Of Aasimar 5e

As we have explained to you earlier that DND Aasimar is human-like creatures along with some amazing features. If you are willing to explore the traits more, here are the leading ones for you.

  • D&D Aasimar helps you in raising your score by 2.
  • Yet, Aasimar DND 5e grows and mature at the same rate but if we talk about their age they can live up to the age of 160 years.
  • Aasimar DND is quite good and they include a lot of celestial powers. The outcast of Aasimars is more often neutral or even evil also.
  • 5e Aasimar is well known to different common and celestial languages and hence you can easily communicate with them.
  • The size and weight of Aasimar race 5e measure much about like a normal human being.
  • The speed of the Aasimar race is quite good and it can walk up to the speed of about 30 feet.
  • D&D Aasimar 5e are commonly notorious and can easily watch in dark and dim conditions within the 60 feet range also.
  • Aasimar often lives n celestial residencies and hence can suppose to be an ideal warrior. They can perfectly resistance to necrotic damage and can also handle radiant damages.
  • Aasimar dnd includes healing hands. Users are free to touch any creature to regain their number of hit points. One thing that we need to explain to you here is that you can’t use this train multiple times until you take a long rest in the game.
  • Aasimar d&d is the light bearer and can Spell cast anytime.
  • Aasimar subraces can be well defined into three categories, protector Aasimar, fallen Aasimar, and scourge Aasimar. You can choose any of these during your gameplay.
Name Aasimar
Ability Scores Dex +2, Wis +1
LanguageCommon, Celestial
Subraces Deva
Size Medium
Vision Darkvision
HomelandPrime Material Plane, Celestial Planes
Speed 25 ft, fly 50 ft...
Base speed 30 feet
Average Height Male5′ – 7’4″ (150–220 cm)
Average Height Female4’7″ – 6’11” (140–210 cm)
Average Weight Male124–280 lbs (56.2–127 kg)
Average Weight Female 89–245 lbs (40.4–111 kg)
Skin ColorsPale to dark brown, emerald, gold, silver
Hair Colors Red, blonde, brown, black, silver
Eye ColorsPupil-less pale white, gold, gray, or topaz

How Long Does Aasimar Live?

Aasimars somewhere the replicas of humans as per growth and maturation phase but differ a lot when it comes off their actual life span. They live long for years and can live up to 160 years comfortably.

Aasimar Names

Male Names: Aliban, Corrinith, Daamen, Innatoth, Marrinan, Selamain.

Female Names: Belaana, Dresina, Genneth, Tiana, Wendethelas

Aasimar Subraces

Aasimar Warlock is the hidden wanderer who generally prefers to keep their profile low. The gameplay is quite amazing and interesting and the only character can win the gameplay here that has evil cultists, fiends, and other enemies of good in the hand. Aasimar prefers to have hoods and closed helms while traveling so that they can easily hide their identities from others.

What Are The Abilities Of Aasimar D&D 5e?

As per Volo’s guide Aasimar, these are wise and intelligent creatures that show up their ancestral history effectively. They have an unparalleled allure that you surely never have found in any race. The insights are quite strong and also have the capability of showing up adventures in the dark environment.

The 5e Races is being well known for having a great perceptive and has the capability of recognizing various other objects from faraway places also. They have great magical powers and can spell magical light to ward off any kind of darkness. Aasimar 5e are known to be highly resistant to various extreme conditions and acidic elements. The creatures are known to be quite vigilant about the surroundings and hence that is the reason why most often misunderstood by Tiefling also.

Aasimar Subraces 5e Can Be Classified Into Three Different Sections:

Protector Aasimar

Protector Aasimars 5e is the supporters of weak characters in the game and is being charged by the powers of good. They like to strike evil and also stand against different kinds of darkness. These creatures start receiving guidelines and advice about protection at a very young age. They can easily upgrade your total score by 1.

Charged by the power of good to destroy evil whenever it rises while keeping the weak at bay from harm, protector aasimars are tasked at being vigilant all the time.

Scourge Aasimar

Scourge Aasimar 5e is another greater creature with the divine energy that will help you a lot in the gameplay. The character destroys the evil a desire in a very powerful manner. Scourge Aasimar keeps on wearing masks to hide up their identity all the time. They unmask their faces during the battles only. These characters can raise your score by 1.

These aasimars are imbued with radiant energy, which they contain within them by wearing masks. The mask blocks out the world for them as well, and the only time they unmask are in a battle, letting the radiance emanate from within, causing complete destruction to all evil around.

Fallen Aasimar

Fallen Aasimar 5e is another one of the most popular Aasimar dnd 5e kind that particularly has gained dark powers at a very young age and can behave like an evil. The character holds the capability of raising your score by 1.

Fallen 5e aasimars are born when regular aasimars are touched by darkness at a very early stage of their lives. Aasimars who have the light in their soul replaced by shadow also turn into fallen aasimars.

Hidden Wanderers

These 5e aasimars are usually the ones that keep a very low profile. While they don’t hesitate to strike at an enemy, they usually wear closed help or a hood to hide their identity.

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